Over 55 Years of Pizza
Tradition in Your Hands

In a world where the only constant is constant change, it’s natural to long for something dependable. At Pepi’s Pizza, we don’t go in for gimmicks; since 1962 we’ve made pizza according to traditional methods. Today, over 55 years later—we make our pizzas the same way.

Just the Pizza

Small (4)$7.95$0.75
Medium (8)$12.95$1.50
Large (12)$15.95$1.85
Party (25)$23.95$2.95

Available ingredients: Pepperoni, mushrooms, Pepi’s bacon, onions, green peppers, hot peppers, olives, black olives, Italian sausage, pineapple, ground beef, ham, salami, bruschetta tomatoes, anchovies, garlic, feta cheese, extra sauce, extra or double cheese (top-quality mozzarella).

Our original family sauce recipes will never change!

Pepi’s Bacon is the best we can buy from local suppliers—double-smoked and extra lean.

Your Daily Bread

All of our pizzas start with our very own handmade dough. We make dough fresh every day at our three Kitchener-Waterloo locations, and take the same approach with our pizza sauce; we create our own sauce from scratch from a secret recipe handed down through the generations of our family. Finally, before the pizza goes into our ovens, they are topped with the very best fresh, local ingredients.

It is this combination of quality ingredients, skill, and tradition that creates a Pepi’s Pizza pizza.

You’ll find all of your favourite pizzas at Pepi’s Pizza including our Canadian, Hawaiian, Meat Lover’s, Mediterranean, Veggie and our ever-popular “The Works” (pepperoni, mushroom, onion, olives, green peppers, and bacon) and “Deluxe” (pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers.) See our menu below and call or order online for pickup or delivery.

Pepi’s Fun Fact: Pepi’s uses over 35,000 lbs of fresh, blanched sliced and diced mushrooms each year, supplied by local Ubbelea Mushroom Farms.